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Sweet Peas

My girly has always loved eating sweet peas! It’s on her menu at least twice a week. When she was little we used to blend them up for her in the Baby Bullet. It was very simple to do and only took me a few minutes. You’d add your peas, I usually buy frozen sweet peas because they keep longer for me before I’m ready to use them. I would fill my blender up with the pre cooked peas and add about a 1/4 cup of water. If you buy The Baby Bullet you will receive a free nutrition guide inside with the precise measurements for each fruit and veggie.

As she got older I would just blend them up a little less so they’d be a chunkier consistency. Now that she’s older I season them with a dash of pepper while they are cooking and a small amount of fat free butter. We self feed now with almost everything so our baby bullet isn’t used for very many things now.  But when she was younger it was a God send!  And like most other foods, you can freeze your pre-blended peas as well!  They keep well in freezer containers or bags for about 3 months.  When you thaw them be sure not to microwave though, place container in hot water and thaw that way 🙂

The Health Benefits

Peas are a good source of vitamin K and vitamin C.  Peas are also good for your bowel health.  They are proven to aid constipation. 


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