What's for Dinner Darling?

Home made shredded chicken

Tonight I needed something easy for the family for dinner.  I just wasn’t feeling being in the kitchen all night long preparing something…so we went with shredded chicken!  It’s super easy and takes minutes to make!! All you need to buy is: 2 cans of cream of chicken soup 2 cans of Tyson chicken 1 box of cornbread stuffing 1 pack of your choice buns You will need to have a crock pot at home ready to use, just plug it in and your ready to go!  Drain your chicken (I usually rinse mine too) and dump in crock pot.  I just use my hands and shred inside the crock pot, way easier this way!  Dump your stuffing inside and dump both cans of cream of chicken in as well.  Mix all together and put the lid on.  If you want your dinner ready right away then set on high,…

Baby Recipe Corner

Brussel Sprouts

Today Baby girl and I went on our weekly shopping trip to Krogers. Every week I try to pick out one new food that she hasn’t tried yet and this week we stumbled upon Brussel sprouts. I know what everyone is thinking, why would I make my sweet babe eat those lol! But hey, I want her to decide on her OWN what she does and doesn’t like. As long as it’s healthy, we’re gonna try it out 😉 We purchased a bag of frozen organic brussel sprouts for like $3.49! Not bad at all, plus I can make at least 2-3 meals out of that one bag, amazing! These little guys are very easy to cook up as well. I just pulled out 4 brussel sprouts and put them in a little stove top pot and added water. I let them cook for about 15 minutes or until tender….

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Melons, Melons, Melons

Tonight we decided to try out some fruits from the melon family.  My baby has always loved her fruits so it’s not a surprise that she smashed dinner tonight! 🙂  Last week when we went to the store we picked up some fresh waterlmelon, fresh cantaloupe and fresh honey dew. The Perks Watermelons– these tasty morsels are over 90% water!  Most people don’t know that they have vitamin A,B and C  in them!  And on top of that they have antioxidants! Cantaloupe–  are packed with antioxidants as well!  They also have anti inflammatory phytonutrients! Honey Dew– they have very high potassium levels and high water content!  These tasty treats even repair skin tissue since they are high in copper and vitamin C! So now that you’ve heard all the health benefits, let me tell you how easy it is to prepare!  We literally just cut our fruits up into little…

Baby Recipe Corner

Sweet Peas

My girly has always loved eating sweet peas! It’s on her menu at least twice a week. When she was little we used to blend them up for her in the Baby Bullet. It was very simple to do and only took me a few minutes. You’d add your peas, I usually buy frozen sweet peas because they keep longer for me before I’m ready to use them. I would fill my blender up with the pre cooked peas and add about a 1/4 cup of water. If you buy The Baby Bullet you will receive a free nutrition guide inside with the precise measurements for each fruit and veggie. As she got older I would just blend them up a little less so they’d be a chunkier consistency. Now that she’s older I season them with a dash of pepper while they are cooking and a small amount of…

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Beets for Dinner

My girl tries a new food just about every day.   I want her to decide on her own if she likes or doesn’t like a certain food.  I don’t want her to end up picky like her brother is.  We struggle to get that boy to eat anything but chicken nuggets. LOL  Tonight we tried beets.  The suggested age range for beets is between 8-10 months.  My little one turned 9 months old on the first so we decided we would give beets a shot.  We assumed she was going to make a horrible face and spit them right out, but her reaction was just the opposite.  She loved them! Since she is really good at picking objects up now,  I just cut the beets (pre-cooked) up in little cubes and spread them out on the tray of her high chair.   If you wanted to you could put the beets…

What's for Dinner Darling?

Home Made Chicken Alfredo

I don’t know about your family, but mine have never cared for regular Alfredo Sauce in a can.  So needless to say we never ate anything with the word Alfredo in it.    But one week I was desperate!  I had racked my brain half the day creating meals for that week and finally I gave in and decided hell with it I’ll buy a few ingredients and try to put together some sort of Alfredo sauce together myself one night! I spent a little time patching different versions of recipes I found online together and came up with a pretty good sauce (after a few minor mishaps).  And let me tell you my friends, my last resort meal turned into one of our family favorites!  We have Chicken Alfredo at least 3-4 times a month now! Please check out my recipe featured below and give it a try!  I…

Food for Thought

Homemade Baby Food VS. Store Bought Baby Food

This wasn’t even something that I was going to give a thought to as a new mom.  Of course, I’ll buy the canned baby food I thought.  I mean, why would I waste my time making my child’s food when I can buy it already prepared?  Not to mention the fact that all the people that I knew with kids bought canned baby food, so why shouldn’t I do the same? So when my daughter was about 4 months old I purchased my first can of baby food.  I hadn’t done much research on which kinds of foods to feed her so I went by the cans.  Beech Nut’s cans are clearly labeled by stages, so I went with a couple Stage 1 cans.  I bought a can of peas, a can of carrots and a can of bananas.  I was so excited to get home and introduce my girl…